Back again with several updates ready. Mainly on ‘Ordinary boy’ story arc, spesifically in his prologue. along with few technical update of ‘Troublesome man’ story arc. Won’t be talking too much as I… Continue reading


This team project are far from done, but it got more and more progress than yesterday. Which is good news. UPDATE 01 is no longer scratch and concept, there is about 10% event… Continue reading

[My Work] 2017 Quote Calendar Wanna be

Been working on this characters, giving them personality, trait, and on and on. Now I’ve been thinking on making these into table calendar, something as a reminder on my work desk. Not yet… Continue reading

[My Work] NG world building – Amur Frontline Redoubt

Redoubt or you also can call it a stronghold/fortress. The wall that hold the glorious story along with the burden of responsbility to protect the city and it’s people. Many called it a… Continue reading

[MY WORK] NG world building – GAHADARA GATE

NG = Nagarasantara Generation V.4.0.0 (the 4th remake lols :p) i’ve been practicing creating not just a story but a world that will have a sense of ‘history’ in it, even it’s just… Continue reading

[Team Works] RPG Project – Update 00

Recently with the newly,freshly,timely release of RPG MAKER MV, with my friend, we begin a game project based on the old time imperfect ideas. Still a scratch but the first concept will be like… Continue reading

[Gaming] This War of Mine – War is not a game

even War is NOT a fucking game, ‘This War of Mine’ is technically a survival game that developed so briliantly. YOU play as civilians. without descent weapon, proper food, uncomfortable shelter in the… Continue reading

[Lyric] Me Against the World – Simple Plan

Lyric Impression : The World are less forgiving now knowing the fact that you’re an adult. The golden paradise of childhood is gone, it exist only in memories. What exist now however is… Continue reading

[My Work] Perfume Ad Personality Based

The character’s personality simbolized in their perfume commercial ad and some short description based on what the tagline is about ‘CHAOS EMERGES’ ..OR a realist. The type of someone who actually can see… Continue reading