[Gaming] Dragon Age Trilogy – The 3 Protagonist

Dragon age is a game that all about choices. Many of them may just the daily errand quest while the other is the real game has to offer: The hard choices. Who make that choice? It’s you. The player in disguise of this 3 protagonist

Our Hero of Ferelden


Our Hawke


And our Inquisitor


They’re not just gave us the freedom to customize from ugly into pretty faces of our hero but also let us to love them as a character. Not only their background story is so memorable but also let us experience their plight.

DA protagonist

First let me give some impression about my Hero of Ferelden

Dragon age origins gave us a freedom to choose our character’s races and gender. And Here is my cannon character. The dalish elf – Mahariel


I love how the writer team handle this character background especially when he is in romance with Morrigan for the ‘mirror’ that begin his journey has something to do with it. I will not giving the detail about their romance in this post but later i’ll be glad to do so

This character, as one of the Dalish clan warriors that has suffer a lot because the dalish  is a race that been considered savages from majority of society. while the truth is they’re not. Despite they maybe a bit too ‘elfy’ and harsh towards humans. But that’s not without reason, that is because thousand years ago an inevitable war between human and elf breaks out. The elf stripped from their own cultures. Their ancestors history. Everything about their real identity been lost to times. Now do you get the idea why they’re so harsh and look savages from the outside?
And when you think things couldn’t get worse for our dalish hero, well… Something worse happen. Long story short, he become the grey warden not for the calling of responsibility but to save his life from something that so so so bad of the bad and that is from an elven artifact he found in ruins that costs his best buddy life and his own life itself is in the brink of slow death. So to ‘cure’ the unlikely illness and more like curse, he was forced to leave his clan. His family. And face the harsh unforgiving world the God have in store and the secret of what it means to become a Grey Warden. The order with an oath : in peace, vigilance. In war, victory and in death, sacrifice


geez….look at that disturbing looking boss battle….

Years later. While our hero from the first game franchise may be faded in times, the other rise. Place his name in dragon age universe, world of Thedas.

He is Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall, er..don’t mind the flying weapon on his back


As a player. You’re still have a freedom to choose your gender but not your races like the first installment has to offer. You..we are play as a human. As Hawke. As for me, my cannon is the mage Hawke. Despite how I loved ranged type character in battle, the game have some special interactions towards mage character. Why? Well it’s dragon age where the mage is a person who are the most oppressed people…well not always but often. The majority of the masses fear mages and the damage that can caused by them. Well technically speaking my mage Hawke is insanely BROKEN in a good way. Why?



He (with his dog) can defeat a DRAGON and her underlings ALONE (with his dog) without the support of  any other party members.

Ehem. And that is why I always love playing as a mage. Especially in dragon age 2 the class you choose determine whose sibling to survive in the game


As for mage Hawke, it’s Carver. A man who always being shadowed by his own brother. And for that he has brash attitude and often at each other throat with his big bro Hawke. I like their sibling rivalry though. especially when Carver in Grey Warden path and in my party on the ‘legacy’ part of the story. It added more deep interactions between brothers and the resolution between their relationship as they only have each other in the family after what the Blight and Kirkwall politics had taken their sister and mother’s life.

and one last thing I like in Dragon Age 2 that there is one connection between Mahariel and Hawke. You got to meet his dalish clan in here! And one of them will join as your companion


Nevertheless… While dragon age 2 focused in family, wealth and frienship/rivalry towards our companion. I like how they handle the Rivalmance or love hating relationships with your chosen companion.

My cannon is Rivalmance between Hawke and Isabela. Same as Mahariel/Morrigan romance that I also won’t do any detail in here but I’ll do it later in another post

just a quick look here won’t hurt though


aaaaand……….there is Sandal over there ruining the moment of my screenshot

Let’s move on to the newest protagonist, the Herald of Andraste which later will be the next Inquisitor.


please kindly don’t mind his awkward pose over there

Dragon Age Inquisition back with the freedom for us to choose the character race and the good news is they offer us one new race. And it’s Qunari!! Well… I still go with my elf clan hero Though. Yes I’m fan of the dalish. Don’t worry Hawke, you’re my favorite too.

so while the DA origins stands for the duty and sacrifice kind of story, and DA 2 is all about survival plus honor, finally let say Inquisition stands for glory and salvation

and without trying to exaggerate, this is the ambitious DA game that ever created while there maybe some flaws but hey, it still fun to play with

now for the story, you’re started with character creation of course and the fun part is you began with the amnesia protagonist with the weird looking light in your hand, as it’s predecessor game tittle, you will see the tragedy, massive dead body, and a bunch of question in the prologue and believe me, that’s the reason why you want to continue the game on and on and on

I wont say much, but I’ll show the screenshot that makes me stunned and the one that surpass my expectation


LOOK at that. the freaking Archdemon, so they say


 “Wait..is that….” yes he is the guy you fight in Dragon Age 2 dlc, now rendered in forstbite


New Home! I mean new Castle. yes it’s CASTLE!


Healthy Jogging with Alistair and Hawke in the fade

now this is the end of my post, I only want to show the short impression and the not so overall story, but if there is a game out there that still have a worthwhile story, rich cultures in it, and the replay value. then I dare say this is one of that game you want to have. the characters that you will find loveable, and their experience that will teach you something.

it’s Dragon Age