[Writing] The Concept of Generation, Chaos-Order, Ideology





Every Humans starts out  innocently, without power, without knowledge, without any material at all. your title, birthright, even money your parents had eventually only hinderance. perhaps obstacle.

as a new-born babe you human just taking in the world around you love .  You play through the world with innocence and the feeling of curiousity. later,you begin to get a heightened since of discovery within the world,

and it is what is called ‘Knowledge’.

With Knowledge Then, come purpose and with purpose comes the ability to be led by another and to leading another ,to manipulate and being manipulated.  the innocence replaced by a drive to figure out what it all means and you now have it.  within purpose,here  comes ambition to reach the top of the mountain and without question or worry of consequence you do whatever it takes and fight through whatever obstacle to reach this goal.

As you go toward your goal, comes the painful realization that you have made a mistake.  And then the  final stage is a slow demise into death.  You forget some of the journey that led you here as you are put on  into the darkness of what occurred before.  Only to become a beacon for the next child thrust into this world.






It’s everywhere, It’s Invisible. the most important thing is YOU, yes you belongs to it. and the second important thing, YOU ,yes you again cannot deny it.

Without order nothing exists, without chaos nothing evolves. Quote by anonymous

Chaos and Order are two sides in the same coin. it is the duality, the one emerging out of the other. like two brothers, when one brother produce something, the other produces the opposite and turn it upside down. none of them can be interpret as a good and evil. but eternal confrontation? yes. even so both brothers are needed and must be acknowledged. for Chaos cannot exist without Order and Order cannot exist without Chaos





combine A-G

History gives us a long list of ideological thought, many of them kicked out the tyrant, put them in a state of shame while they’re still breathing or die in shame and fires up the citizens to achieve momentous large events. such as… many, many things.

On the other hand  the will to power of mankind never sleeps. The urge to dominate one’s fellow man and reshape him to match someone inside ideal is always there, the violent pursuit of perfection, the lethal or non lethal. It can save but so it can destroy. turn humans into somewhat ‘demon. thanks to ideology and how human can be driven by an abstract form of idea called ‘ideology’.

don’t worry too much, I like to exaggerate things. more fun that way.