[Gaming] This War of Mine – War is not a game


even War is NOT a fucking game, ‘This War of Mine’ is technically a survival game that developed so briliantly. YOU play as civilians. without descent weapon, proper food, uncomfortable shelter in the beginning of the game. you eventually can die, and once you die, you’re done. the game is over, or optionally you can take control as another survivor in your shelter. IF you have any. if not? game over will decorate your computer screen.

If in a game you really proud in your battle skill, it is utterly kinda useless in this game. It depend on randomness more than skill. you start in random shelter, random people and random loot item. and last.. MONEY is useless. you BARTER a lot in this game. FOOD and MEDICINE is like currency here. and because of that, people will do anything for food, and for medicine. anything. and that including robbed your shelter, shot you, stabbed you, and on and on and…on.

I dare say, this game briliantly put on what’s the best and the worst things human can do to others in this desperate hours.

it’s definitely a total warning to the people, The good or evil, To the soldier, the civilian,The martyr, the victim, and To the leader, the pariah,The victor, the messiah, that….

this is War.

and people will do anything for survival.