[MY WORK] NG world building – GAHADARA GATE

NG = Nagarasantara Generation V.4.0.0 (the 4th remake lols :p)

i’ve been practicing creating not just a story but a world that will have a sense of ‘history’ in it, even it’s just a fiction. oh well, history..fiction..who can tell, only the victors are able to ‘rewrite’ their glorious profile.

at any rate, this is the reference that i took to create Gahadara Capital Gate


Now..cut the wall..then mix it altogether….. and TA-DAH~

our Gahadara Capital gate are now served. Best served cold.


it has nothing to do with the real Nusantara, it’s an alternate world, and it’s name is Nagarasantara. again, it’s the works of fiction.