[Team Works] RPG Project – Update 00

Recently with the newly,freshly,timely release of RPG MAKER MV, with my friend, we begin a game project based on the old time imperfect ideas. Still a scratch but the first concept will be like this

Character Select – Different idealogy perspective in the same world, character select plays as core role in our little game.


Choice – It’s not an illusion of choice. different answer will give you different outcome, different outcome means different reward/zonk.


and last for this post.. the most dificult one i can assume, is the Characterization.

Char height

these first 4 revealed characters in ‘Troublesome Man’ story arc will play an important role as well as the character that will have their own ‘character belief’ for it is the one that will make a story has a ‘soul’ and a characters that player will take symphaty to them, that is my hope and vision.