Back again with several updates ready. Mainly on ‘Ordinary boy’ story arc, spesifically in his prologue. along with few technical update of ‘Troublesome man’ story arc. Won’t be talking too much as I will show several pictures.


MAIN PROLOGUE SCRIPTING – Ordinary boy story Arc

there are a few branching event on Ordinary boy’s prologue. Either branch will sums up the beginning of his story and ready to move to the next chapter

YAL Branch – Both branch will have unique event in the same timeline, there is  a lot of untold causes that needs telling, and Yal’s quest will be giving some questionable hint to that.


FRECHER Branch – While there is one questionable Hint on Yal’s quest, It will be similar with Frecher’s Quest. Only there will be told in the different way and more unpleasant route.



TECHNICAL UPDATE – Troublesome Man story Arc

For one week, the story scripting were focused only on Ordinary boy’s Arc. Got no story updates for Regel storyline, only fixing some ingame bug and added new skills in battle


-Regel Skill –

First aid [Lv.1]

I’m On Fire [Lv.1]

The Ultimate Flame [Lv2] > Special skill with TP used. (TP can be gain while in battle only)

Might of a Gunner [Lv.4] > Weapon based skill


-Stroganof Skill –

Spark [Lv.1]

The Ultimate Spark [Lv.2] > Special skill with TP used. (TP can be gain while in battle only)

Dreadful Claw [Lv.3] > Weapon based skill