[Writing] The Concept of Generation, Chaos-Order, Ideology

============= GENERATION ================ Every Humans starts out  innocently, without power, without knowledge, without any material at all. your title, birthright, even money your parents had eventually only hinderance. perhaps obstacle. as a new-born… Continue reading

[My Work] Mafia Boss Character Model

the 2d concept art belongs to it’s rightful owner, the SOSfactory, I’m just modeled it in 3D for practice only and no commercial intended this are one of several other character in Mafia… Continue reading

[My Work] Mafia (again) Base Mesh 3D model

Base mesh/ simple mesh in 3D. want to create something simple yet so memorable. hemm let see…..okay Mafia then! most everyone will notice he is Mafia in a first glance. let’s hope so!

[My Work] Evil Looking Character Model

The real title would be the ‘Antagonist’ but, there is an Ambigous term of that word. The Antagonist are… in term of theory, they’re a person/creature/anything that oppose the main character in one… Continue reading

[My Work] National Museum – Simple 3D

Simple 3D model of National Museum in Jakarta. okay, why I called it simple? because it’s……simple. It’s not as detail as the real one that already exist. create and rendered in Autodesk 3d… Continue reading

[Gaming] Metro & Spec Ops the line – Different War, Similiar Inner Conflict

First thing first, I won’t compare this game for their gameplay or which one is good and which is bad, but instead I want to quick review their struggle as a soldier and how this… Continue reading

[Gaming] Dragon Age Trilogy – The 3 Protagonist

Dragon age is a game that all about choices. Many of them may just the daily errand quest while the other is the real game has to offer: The hard choices. Who make… Continue reading

[Lyric] Unbroken – Aeralie Brighton

Lyric Impression : “It’s about having courage to Fail. Not breaking when you’re broken” The past is your Ghost, The future is your goal, The present is all you have to make things right… Continue reading

[Lyric] My Demons – Starset

Lyric Impression : it gives what I need at the moment. the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT a character. a human. and for the least, to be strong and what I mean Strong is not the… Continue reading